Sports injury rehabilitation at SSPP

Have you recently suffered a sporting injury?
Has your return to sport been slower than expected?
Are you suffering repeat injuries and want your whole body assessed rather than just treatment of symptoms?
Are you looking for sports specific rehabilitation?

The physiotherapy team at Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physiotherapy has a depth of knowledge regarding the treatment and rehabilitation following sports related injuries. We treat a wide range of injuries and sports people participating in a variety of sporting codes from amateur to professional level. Our physiotherapists aims to provide appropriate treatment and advice in the acute phase of injury, plus create the appropriate rehabilitation program specific to your sport so as to ensure the most desirable outcome.

An appropriate rehabilitation program should be specific to your activity & this requires a physiotherapist who understands those elements of your sport or dance carreer that may lead to injuries and how best to prevent them. Your rehabilitation is tailor made to your specific goals and will address components of strength, flexibility, core stability, endurance and co-ordination. An assessment will include a comprehensive musculoskeletal examination to identify those factors responsible for the injury as well as barriers to full recovery.

Expert knowledge is also provided following various surgical procedures and specific injuries including:

  • knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)  reconstruction
  • patella dislocation
  • shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff repairs, and shoulder reconstruction surgery
  • rib and thoracic injuries
  • Achilles tendon rupture/repair
  • Hip labral tear repair and Femero- acetabular impingement (FAI) (link to hip page)
  • Gymnastic and dance related injuries
  • Low back & pelvic pain and post spinal surgery rehabilitation
  • Stress fractures
  • groin pain and pubic / adductor injuries

Your rehabilitation will be closely monitored by your physiotherapist who will progress you through the various stages and finally back on to the sporting field as well as advising you on a preventative program to reduce recurrent episodes.

The physiotherapy team has a combined knowledge base across various fields while some areas of particular interest include: AFL, soccer, basketball, rugby union/league, gymnastics, track and field, triathlon, rowing, tennis & golf.