Functional exercise rehab

There are many different ways to exercise and many different ideas about rehabilitation. At Sydney Spine and Pelvis Centre we feel it is important to tailor our rehabilitation programs specifically to your needs. That means we will often start by creating exercises that will help you with the activities you are struggling with on a day to day basis. Functional exercises are based on improving how you perform normal activities throughout your day, such as sitting, getting up from sitting, bending, walking. The aim is to make these movements easier and pain free, and to use them to increase your stamina during each day so that you can then progress into exercises that increase your activity levels or are specific to your sporting requirements.

As your exercise program progresses you may be asked to increase the difficulty of each exercise and the number of repetitions in order to improve your functional capacity,  that is to improve your ability to cope with the demands you wish to put onto your body each day. If you need guidance to increase your exercise program, you may wish to join one of our tailored exercise classes. Please discuss your needs when you see your physiotherapist.