Pre-Pointe Screenings

Pre-pointe screenings are available at both SSP clinics to assess whether your body is physically ready for the demands of pointe work. Progressing up onto Pointe is both challenging and exciting for young dancers, and requires strength and mobility in the feet, legs and hips, as well as good core strength and good basic ballet technique.

The findings of your dance physio assessment can be reported back to you and your parents, and your dance teacher via email. It will include suggestions for treatment of any existing injuries as well as areas that require improvement e.g. hip turn out range.

What to expect at your Initial Screening

  • Our dance physiotherapist will take your history including previous injuries, current exercise and what dance lessons you are participating in as well as what your goals are with your dancing
  • She will then assess your posture, and your dance technique with the aim of assessing your core control, hip turnout ability and foot / ankle mobility and strength
  • The next part of assessment will include some specific measurements of your turnout, ankle range, foot mobility, rises strength and flexibility
  • You may then be prescribed specific exercises for areas of your body that require improved mobility or strength
  • You may require follow up sessions to progress your exercises before you are encouraged up onto Pointe

What to bring / wear?

  • Bring your ballet shoes and demi pointes if you have them
  • Wear your leotard, or shorts and a singlet top so that we can easily assess your posture and technique
  • Bring any x-rays or scans if you have had a recent injury
  • Bring contact details for your dance teacher