Working from Home - Office Set up

There has been a rapid change in our work habits recently. Many of us now have to find a way to set up a space and manage our work in a home setting. Whatever space you have available, taking some time to make it as functional as possible will prove worthwhile to help you manage your posture and reduce fatigue and possible injury. 

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you through:

  1. Find a space and make it your own.
  2. Ensure correct sitting posture
    • 2 feet flat on the floor. Let your feet relax
    • Hips and knees at approximately 90deg 9 or hips slightly higher than knees)
      • If your table is high, sit on a book or a firm cushion so you can comfortable reach the keyboard and then use a small foot stool
    • Sit up on your sitz bones so that your pelvis is level, and have your sternum sitting in line with your pubic bone. Let your head float slightly up off your neck and let your shoulders relax
    • Elbows relaxed by your side and bend at 90deg, with hands resting on the keyboard
      • You should not need to reach for your keyboard. Make sure your chair does not have arm rests so it can slide easily under your table
  3. Laptop position
    • Most laptops make it impossible to maintain ideal posture. A quick fix is to find an extra keyboard so your arms can be positioned as above.
    • Then place the laptop up onto a box or a couple of books so the top of the screen is level with your eyes or just below. No lower.
    • You should also not be reaching for your mouse. A wireless mouse is a great idea.
  4. Using a Monitor
  • When using a monitor you want the screen to be at least 51cm away from you eyes, so about an arms length away.         
  1. Take breaks
    • Check in on your posture at least every 30 minutes and try and move around for a couple of minutes every hour.
    • Create an hourly reminder on your phone or laptop to stand up and change your work activity

If you prefer standing posture, use the same advice above for position of your arms and head floating, and let your knees be unlocked as you stand.