The team at Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre is focused on the wellbeing and safety of all our clients and team.

Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy will remain open unless directed to close by NSW Health. As of 25 June 2021, if you have been to a "Covid Case Location" in the last 14 days in SYDNEY, Nationally, or Internationally, whether you have been contacted by NSW Health or not, YOU MUST FOLLOW NSW HEALTH ADVICE. Therefore we expect you will have had a Covid test and be able to show us your negative test result. If you live in a postcode that is in a current lock down, you may attend the practice for treatment if you require urgent attention but we would prefer you have a covid test in the 24 hours prior to your session. If you have an appointment but you are not acute and not requiring urgent attention, we suggest you call us immediately on 97199114 and we will re-schedule your appointment for you.

It is important to us that we keep our team and clients safe during this time- both physically and for your general well being. If you feel uncomfortable about coming to your appointment, please give us a call and we will re-schedule you to another time in the next month. We are still maintaining strict PPE protocols during all our consultations for both staff and clients, to ensure that all clients that come to our practice know they are safe. This includes, physios and clients wearing masks at all times, and regular disinfection of common areas. We are also contacting clients from known "Case locations", and providing flexibility around rescheduling appointments.

What we ask of you

If you wish to keep your appointment during our current "LOCKDOWN"in Sydney, please consider the following

* Have you been identified as a Close contact or know you have had contact with a confirmed case? If yes, please isolate and re-schedule your appointment at either SSP venue                                                                        

* Have you been asked to isolate? If yes, please isolate and re-schedule your appointment at either SSP venue                                                                                                       

*Have you been identified as a casual contact or live/work in an identified 'Hotspot' LGA? Please re-schedule your appointment until after you have received a negative Covid test and let us know prior to attending the practice

*Are you in need of an urgent appointment with one of our physios? Please contact us as we have a couple of cancellations currently available this week 

And as always:   

** If you have had any flu-like symptoms – sore throat, cough, and fever in the past week please call us and we will happily re-schedule your appointment, or confirm you have had a negative Covid Test                                                                                     


Patients attending SSP Drummoyne for an appointment will be asked to follow a strict protocol to enter the practice to maintain the sterile environment within the practice to protect staff and other clients.

 This includes wearing a mask from the time you enter our practice until after you leave,  Temperature checking on arrival, compulsory use of hand sanitisers. Your Physio will also wear a mask and clean all treatment surfaces after every session. All common surfaces including bathrooms, door handles and reception are regularly disinfected.

All our team will sanitise or wash their hands before and after each interaction

To Assist with Social Distancing

We are asking patients to assist with social distancing and to therefore attend no more than 1-2 minutes prior to their appointment and please put your mask on before entering the building. 

We are also asking that each patient arrives on their own unless under special circumstances, such as mums and bubs, or if in need of a carer. You are welcome to call reception with any questions or concerns.


We thank you for your support and assistance in ensuring that we are able to continue to focus on your wellbeing and our community in a safe and respectful way.