Lumbo-Pelvic Stability Retraining Classes

We know that specific muscles work to keep you stable as you sit, walk, stand and exercise. The deepest layer of muscles in you abdominal wall work together with deep back muscles and your pelvic floor to support the joints in your back and pelvis during every movement that you make (core muscles).

Unfortunately these muscles can stop working properly due to pain, injury or as a result of poor posture and work habits. The way your body copes with this may actually cause more pain, stiffness, aching, and difficulty moving.

Our small group classes have a maximum 6 people, run for one hour and come in blocks of 10 weeks.

Beginners class is Stage 1 and at the end of the 10 weeks, you may be strong enough to continue with a home exercise program or you may wish to progress to the next stage which focuses on building core strength and endurance of your core muscle acitivity with gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and back muscles.

Stage 1: Introduction to Core Control & Lumbo-Pelvic Stabiltiy Retraining

  • Learning how protective muscle tension can increase back & pelvic pain
  • Learning how to specifically activate core muscles without butt gripping
  • Postural retraining for sitting, standing, sit to stand and bending
  • Learning how to reboot your core to assist stability in daily activities
  • Progress into fuctional gluteal muscle exercises into squats
  • Which stretches are best for your body and when to use them

Stage 2: Building Lumbo-Pelvic Muscle Endurance and Control

  • Progress core muscle activation into every exercise
  • Progress capacity to preform squats, step-ups and single leg standing control
  • Add endurance of gluteal muscle activation through increased repetition
  • Add upper body movements to assist your posture control
  • Exercise progression tailored to your individual needs and challenges

Stage 3: Progressing Lumbo-Pelvic & Hip Muscle Strength - Endurnace & Thoracic Control

  • Progress squats, step-ups, single leg standing control into sumo squats, step tap repetitions and lunge progression
  • Progress scapula-thoracic and lumbo-pelvic muscle co-ordination into 3D movement challenges
  • Continue to build endurance of core and gluteual muscles in exercise progression

Stage 4: Advanced Lumbo-Pelvic- Hip Stability Strength & Upper Body Conditioning

  • Progress endurance and strength of gluteal muscle activation through increased repetition and complexity of exercises
  • Challenge your core endurance into cardio style exercises
  • Co-ordinate upper body and arm exercises with lumbo-pelvic stability and gluteal muscle endurance exercises

Class Timetable 

Block 3: 2019 -22nd July

  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday       Friday   

10.15am - Jay


10.15am - Jay


11.15am - Jay


1.00pm - Rachael

Stage 1 Core

12.15pm - Michelle

Stage 4 Core

12.30 - Rachael

Stage 2/3 Core

12.30pm - Michelle

Stage 2/3 Core

5.15pm - Vanessa

Stage 2+/3 Core

5.15pm - Michelle

Stage 4 Core

5.15pm - Rachael

Stage 1 Core

Block 2: 2019 - 29th April to 5th July

Block 3: 2019 - 22nd July to 27th September

Block 4: 2019 - 14th October to 20th December 

Booking a Class

Before starting a Stage 1 class you will need to be assessed by a physiotherapist to ensure the classes will suit you.

If you are already attending Sydney Spine & Pelvis Centre for Physiotherapy, please discuss the option of progressing into a class with your physiotherapist. If you are new to our service, please call us to organise your assessment prior to booking into the classes.

Cost and Payment of classes

The cost for the block of 10 classes is $500 payable in advance at the Drummoyne Practice. 

If you are unable to attend one of your classes there will unfortunately not be a refund for the missed session. However, you can make up a maximum of two classes at another time during the term (subject to availability) so please select your dates carefully before booking.

Your private Health fund will usually cover part of this cost under physiotherapy.