Dance Physio @ SSP Physiotherapy

Dancers demand a lot of their bodies, and training schedules plus performances can create loads that cause injuries. Young dancers are also susceptible to injuries, and a little guidance to ensure each dancer is ready to progress in their dancing journey can hopefully prevent unwanted injuries and pain.

At SSP Physio we often see dancers and gymnasts who are finding they just can’t quite achieve a certain stretch or dance move because they feel a restriction or lack of flexibility. Our physios are trained to assess the whole body and determine whether this lack of ease in movement is due to a lack of flexibility, or biomechanical, or due to muscle imbalances that require specific attention so that each dancer can reach your full potential.

Sydney Spine & Pelvis Centre has 2 physios, Vanessa Barnes and Michelle Wong, who provide assessment, technique advice, and treatment for Dance, and gymnastic related injuries. They can help you to recover from acute or old injuries and niggles that are holding you back from returning to dance, while also uncovering problems in your technique that can be improved so that further injuries can be prevented.

Dance Injury assessment & Treatment

Don’t let an injury be the one thing that prevents you from reaching your full dance potential – the right treatment can mean a full recovery as well as teaching you how to decrease the chance of re-injury. With the right treatment and exercise program you can take back control of your body and progress towards an even better dance experience.