Sydney Spine & Pelvis Centre is Recognised as a Centre of Excellence.

Our Team of Highly Experienced Physiotherapists have been providing a Specialised Service for nearly 20 years.

Our Physiotherapists are unique in their level of Post Graduate training, providing you with specificity in assessment and diagnosis. We take the time to assess your whole body and choose the best way to treat you according to your specific diagnosis. That means we might incorporate a combination of Muscle Energy Techniques, ISM, Musculo-Skeletal, Cranial, Visceral & Exercise Rehab to enhance your treatment and rehabilitation experience.

Our treatment experience allows us to remain at the forefront of providing the best Physiotherapy practice for people with complex and severe injuries and pain disorders. We work closely with some of the top Sports Specialists & Obstetricians in Sydney and NSW because of our level of expertise. This also ensures we can create the best treatment network and management program according to your individual diagnosis. 

All our Physiotherapists have expertise in combining manual therapy techniques such as muscle energy technique, deep tissue releases, joint mobilisation, nerve mobilisation & disc decompression techniques in order to improve joint mobility and body alignment. 

We are also passionate about looking after Dancers of all ages and level of experience and are lucky to have both Physiotherapsists and an Exercise Physiologist who have experience in the world of dance, including working with our elite Dance Companies. Please go to our "Looking after Dancers" page for more information about our Dance Services

Our team of Physiotherapists at Sydney Spine & Pelvis can provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide selection of injuries and dysfunctions including but not limited to :

Pelvic floor assessment & retraining for women & men to assist continence
Real time ultrasound for  assessment of lumbo-pelvic and hip muscle function
Cranio-sacral therapy and visceral manipulation
Functional core & lumbo-pelvic stability classes
Sports injury rehabilitation & technique analysis

Monday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday 8:00 am to 5:15 pm

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SSP physio is an essential practice and will remain open unless directed otherwise by NSW Health. At this stage, if you have been to a "Case location" in SYDNEY OR MELBOURNE IN THE PAST 14 DAYS you are required to follow NSW Health advice. That means you will need to have & show us a negative covid test result before attending your appointment if you require urgent treatment. If you are in a lock down postcode you may still attend the practice if you require urgent assistance from us, otherwise please call reception on 97199114 and we will happily re-schedule your appointment for you.

Annie Jeffries Exercise Physiologist

 Annie is now providing specialised exercise retraining, hip classes & Pilates classes on Tuesdays, and soon also Fridays! 


 Amy Greenlees brings together both musculo-skeletal physio plus Womens Health & Continence training to provide a unique service.

She can help assess your Pelvic floor function, treat acute Mastitis, assess & treat a Rectus Diastisis, or assist with your pelvic pain.