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"Learn how to move again with stability and ease"

About our Classes

The exercise rehabilitation classes at Sydney Spine & Pelvis Centre combine the latest scientific knowledge about muscle re-education with our clinical experience in rehabilitation for people who have neck, shoulder and thoracic issues, and who want to regain movement and stability safely.

Thoracic & Scapula Stability retraining classes

Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre is now running Cervico-thoracic Stability classes. This class has been designed specifically to assist with muscle re-education for clients who suffer with upper back, shoulder and /or neck pain.  

Our small group classes are run by our physiotherapy team and aim to develop awareness of the upper body stabilising muscles, as well as provide a safe environment to strengthen the upper limb and cervico- thoracic complex.

Class Timetable 

Thoracic & Scapula Stability Classes 2019

Duration - 10wks

 No class currently scheduled

How to book into a class

Before starting a Neck & Thoracic stability class you will need to be assessed by a physiotherapist to ensure the classes will suit you. If you are already attending Sydney Spine & Pelvis Centre for physiotherapy, please discuss the option of progressing into this class with your physiotherapist. If you are new to our service, please call our administrative staff between 8am-5.30pm Monday to Friday to organise your assessment prior to booking into the classes.

Cost and payment of classes

The cost is $500 for the block of 10 classes, payable in advance at the Drummoyne Practice.  Health fund cover will usually cover part of this cost under physiotherapy because the classes are individualised. If you are unable to attend a class there will unfortunately not be a refund for the missed session, so please select the dates carefully before booking. However, you can make up two classe at another time during the term, subject to availability.