HIPFIT Excercise Classes

Did you know 18% of people over 50 will suffer from lateral hip pain, and women are 3 times more likely to develop pain associated with Gluteal tendinopathy or trochanteric bursitis than men due to hormonal changes & associated changes in weight and loading. Men are more likely to suffer groin pain and injuries.

 Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physio Centre has been providing excellence in treating Hip, back and pelvic pain for 20 years. Our expertise means we can discuss your concerns, assess your hip and back for joint or muscular issues that might be contributing to your pain, and then determine how we can best help you feel better.

 What are HIPFITClasses?

The physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists at Sydney Spine & Pelvis have been treating people with Hip and pelvic pain for 20 years, and in this time we have also studied & researched to make sure we are providing the best possible care for our clients including teaching people how to help themselves . Teaching clients how to change their bad habits and improve muscle function around the Hip and pelvis takes expertise, patience and time. We have realized that when people attend a class every week they improve their muscle function and strength more quickly than when left to do their exercises at home. Our small group classes also ensure that you are watched as you learn each new exercise and you are individually helped to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. We can then progress your class program according to your own capacity and needs, while delivering a 10 week program aimed at reducing pain, improving balance and fitness.

If you are keen to learn how to ease your hip pain and improve your balance & Hip fitness our team of Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists can either provide 1:1 treatment & rehab, or you can join our HIPFIT classes.

These classes have been designed to help people with gluteal tendinopathy, trochanteric bursitis, FAI (Femero-acetabular Impingement), groin pain and early signs of Hip arthritis with 3 stages:

HIPFIT Intro Classes: Provides exercises to immediately assist in easing hip pain and improving gluteal & hip muscle activation while also improving your core control and improving bad posture habits

HIPFIT 50+: Provides the specificity of getting your Gluteal and hip muscles to work better with added focus on improving balance & core muscle control in daily life

HIPFIT Sport: Provides a focus on your Gluteal and hip muscles towards on improving endurance & strength for better sports performance


WHY HIPFIT Classes @ SSP Physio?

Hip pain comes in many forms including pain at the front of the hip or groin, lateral hip pain associated with trochanteric bursitis or gluteal tendinopathy, and buttock pain. It often starts after an injury, after a period of being forced to do nothing, or after a sudden increase in activity, especially a repetitive movement.

How we retrain your hip, back and buttock muscles is all based on extraordinary research into how our muscles work normally, and what goes wrong when there is pain. Recent research has shown us that specific exercises & education relieved pain and improved wellbeing in 80% of people with trochanteric bursitis & gluteal tendinopathy and was more effective over time than a corticosteroid injection (Mellor R et al, BMJ: 2018). Our classes have taken this research and used it to create a program that will teach you a lot about your pain, your posture, your caore, and how to rebuild the right muscles so that your hip pain can resolve

The Good Guys: Your Core & Gluteal muscles

All muscles in our bodies have a role to play in how we move however there are specific muscles we use to help maintain stability of the lumbo-pelvic region while controlling our hip alignment in standing and walking.

 Core Muscles: In standing 65% of your body weight transfers through your spine from your head to your pelvis so our spine needs a bunch of stabilising muscles that act as guy wires that spread the load from our spine out towards our pelvis and hips. These stabilising muscles are known as our core muscles.

Gluteal Muscles: The glute muscles all have a part to play in moving and stabilising the hip. Gluteus maximus extends your hip and propels you forward, while your gluteus medius and minimus are important for lateral stability, or controlling how you hold your pelvis up on your hip and how you stack your hip over your knee and your foot.

Unfortunately, both the core and gluteal muscles can tend to disengage or weaken over time due to a sedentary lifestyle or poor posture and walking habits. This leaves you susceptible to back, pelvic and hip pain.

SSP HIPFIT Exercise classes run during school terms (8 to 10 weeks) and each class is for 55 minutes.